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We offer various types of dried nuts and dried fruits. You can order the products as loose material or as packaged goods. If you do not find the item you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the possibility of securing this raw material.


Peanuts natural, roasted, roasted salted

Cashews natural, roasted, roasted salted, with chili flavour, chilli and lime flavoured, smoked, curry

Coconut grated

Hazelnuts natural, blanched, blanched roasted salted

Macadamia nuts

Almonds natural, roasted, roasted salted, peeled, peeled roasted salted, with chilli flavour, smoked

Brasil nuts


Pistachios natural, lightly roasted, roasted salted, roasted salted with lime flavour, peeled Pistachios, blanched Pistachio kernels



dried fruits


Dates with stone, without stone and date products

Large-fruited cranberry

Apricots natural, sulfurized

Raisins natural, golden

Plums natural, Ashlock


balené produkty

pro bary, hotely a restaurace 60 g balení ochucených plodů

pro obchody balení plodů po 140 g, 200 g pod značkou nutty and nutz

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