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about us

We are a family company.

We focus on import and subsequent processing of nuts and dried fruits. The aim of the company is to provide our customers with high quality products, both on the product side itself and throughout the entire processing process.

It is about finding the quality and long-term cooperation with our customers.

The technology of our production is chosen so that the product remains as long as possible in the highest quality. We are developing new possibilities in the area of healthy nut flavouring. We return to the traditional method of roasting without the use of oil. Our products meet the requirements for healthy and at the same time tasty variations of nuts. Not only the quality of our products is important, but also the fact that the production and processing processes used must be environmentally friendly.

We deliver the best  

Our suppliers are most often family companies that are also able to cover the demand of large customers and retail chains.

The bonus is maximum control over the supplied raw materials and optimal balance of quality and price.

Machinery equipment

Our manufacturing facilities, equipment and technologies enable us to prepare solutions that reflect the highest quality criteria and fully meet our client's expectations and needs. In addition to the production of our own brand, we also offer the possibility of roasting and packaging for our customers.

All our new equipment and facilities are energy efficient.

- Continuous hot air roasting line

- Packaging lines equipped with the equipment
   for packaging in a protective atmosphere

- Vacuum equipment

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