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Our company MB INDUSTRY, s. r. o. has been an importer and distributor of dried fruits and nuts in the Czech Republic and Central Europe since 1999.   


 We have decided to take advantage of our years of knowledge gained in the field and offer to consumers top quality products under our own brand Nutty & Nutz.



Thanks to our experience in the field and cooperation with growers we select the highest quality ingredients for you and then process them in a gentle way.

All roasting and seasoning of nuts is oil-free, on a continuous automatic line, only by roasting with the help of hot air.

In order to preserve the original taste and aroma of nuts, without increasing the caloric value.

We package products in a protective atmosphere. This prevents the oxidation of vitamins, fats and aromas, while extending the shelf life of the product while maintaining the existing quality.

hotely a restaurace
high product quality
optimal ratio of
quality and price
Our services include

import // sale  // packaging // flavouring

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